How it Works

Manage your experience from start to finish:
from integrations to registration, interactive stage elements to post-event data – it’s all here.

Placing Your Order

Add to Basket: Visit the product page of the item you like. Click “Add to Basket” to add the item to your shopping basket.

Proceed to Checkout: Go to your basket and click “Proceed to Checkout” to complete your order.

Complete Information and Select Payment Option: Fill in the required information. Choose a payment option. We offer two payment methods:

Place Your Order: After selecting your payment method, click “Place Order” to complete your order on our system.


Order Tracking

Pending Payment: Once you place your order, its status will be “Pending Payment.” Complete the payment using the method you chose. For assistance, call us at 01222996858.

Processed: After you complete the payment, your order status will change to “Processed,” indicating that we have received your payment successfully.


Shipping and Delivery Process

Shipping Phase: When you place an order, the shipping process begins, and your item will be delivered to our office in Egypt. During this phase, your order status will be “Waiting for Arrival.”

Ready to Deliver: Upon arrival at our branches in Egypt, your order status will update to “Ready to Deliver.” You will be notified via email and contacted by phone to choose a delivery method:

  • Pickup: Collect your order from our branches.
  • Home Delivery: We can deliver your order to your home.

Please note that delivery times depend on product availability:

  • Products Sourced Domestically: These items come from within Egypt and typically arrive at our branches quickly.
  • Products Sourced Internationally: These items come from outside Egypt and require additional time for delivery.